School Bus Safety Rules

On The Way To The Bus

  1. Be alert, arrive at your stop at least ten minutes early.
  2. Always obey all traffic lights and signals.
  3. Plan to walk with schoolmates whenever possible, facing the traffic.
  4. When crossing streets, always cross at crosswalks and intersections.
  5. Look both ways before crossing the street.

At The Bus Stop

  1. Stand back from the curve.
  2. Don't push or shove when entering or exiting and always use the steps and hand rail.
  3. Always obey the bus driver and wait for the driver's signal before crossing.
  4. Always cross at least 10 feet in front of the school bus.
  5. Never, never crawl under the bus.

When Riding the Bus

  1. Take your seat quietly and quickly, remain seated when the bus is moving and don't get out of your seat when the bus is moving.
  2. Keep your feet on the floor and never ever extend your hands, arms, head or any object out the window of a bus.
  3. Talk in a conversational tone, be courteous to the driver and schoolmates, and try not to distract the driver through misbehavior.