Technology Department

Joseph Leipert | Rich Hooyman
Phone: 609-884-9410 Ext: 2801

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The district recognizes that the use of computers and distance learning technologies including the Internet offers vast, diverse, and unique resources to students and staff members. The goal in providing these services is to promote educational excellence in the schools through resource sharing, research, and communicating with others in furtherance of educational objectives which relate to student curriculum.

The operation of the district computer network relies, in part, on the proper conduct of users - students and staff. Therefore, it is necessary for students and staff to follow the guidelines which are set forth in Board Policy 6142.10 . If any user, whether a student or a staff member, violates this policy, his/her provileges to use district computers may be limited or suspended. In addition, the student or staff member may be subject to all possible disciplines as described in the district's Student Code of Conduct and district policy. Students will not be permitted to use Internet/e-mail through the district computer system unless they have signed the acceptable use agreement and their parents or guardians have signed the agreement indicating the student has his/her permission to use Internet/e-mail through the district computer system. In accordance with district policy, parent/guardian permission is needed prior to posting a child's picture or any personally identifiable information on the district's website. Parents/guardians who have questions about the use of technology resources should contact the building principal.