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Privacy Policy

Introduction: The privacy of our visitors is very important and although we have forms that gather information when you submit, no collection of data is used for anything other then educational use. However, if you click on a link from our site that takes you to a different address other then, you will no longer be abiding by our privacy policy.

Collection of Data: You are not required to enter any personal information while viewing the content on our site. Some of the advanced features may require a login and password however. All data gathered in server logs or through analytics software is only used to improve the site and its functionality.

Use of Data: All data is provided to our visitors but it remains a copyright infringement to take our data and copy it to your own site. Instead please provide a link to the page you are accurately trying to display information for.

Safe for All Ages: Our site is safe for all ages and is monitored by the Schools staff.

Changes to this privacy Policy: If changes are made to this privacy policy, there will be an updated notice displayed at the top of the page which will also label which sections have been changed.

Contact Information: If you have any questions or comments about our sites Privacy Policy, please contact the websites administrator through our contact page.

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